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Frequently Asked Questions


If you no longer remember your password, please click on "Login" in the top bar of the https://unimetro.hu website, then select " Did you forget your password?" option, after which the system will generate a new password for you, please use it when logging in. After logging in, by clicking on the name that appears in the bar above You can change your password at any time by selecting "Change Password".

Username is your email address. If you do not remember it, please contact the site administrator at balint.zsolt@bhbdesign.hu.

Also check the Junk or SPAM folder of your e-mail program! If you can't find it, you probably entered your email address incorrectly during registration. Please try to register again. If the system allows this, it refers to the wrongly entered e-mail address, if, on the other hand, an error message appears during registration, stating that a given e-mail address has already been registered before, and you do not receive an activation link within a few hours, please contact our Customer Service!

It may happen that the system of the e-mail address you provided and registered detected our confirmation as spam. Therefore, please check your 'Junk' or 'Spam' folder named If you can't find our confirmation here either, please check it after logging in by clicking the 'Webshop profile details' button at the bottom of 'My email'. If you find your order here in the list of orders with the date of the given day, this means that we have also received the request.

Shopping cart, Order, Data modification

You can easily change the saved data after logging in to our site by clicking on the person's name that appears in the bar above or by selecting "Profile settings". You can also enter and select a new shipping and billing address in the Cart after clicking the "Order" button.

Presumably this occurred as a result of prolonged inactivity. Place the desired product in the basket again. Before paying, you can make sure again whether everything is included in the order with the desired number of pieces.

You can enter any information you consider important in the comment section to fulfill an order. It can be useful to specify the shipping address; for example, if the shipping name and the name on the doorbell are different, or if you want to pick up the shipment at your workplace and enter the necessary information here.

Technical problems

This problem usually occurs with browsers older than Internet Explorer version 9. We recommend that you use a newer version or another browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

In this case, please contact our Customer Service.